Saturday, January 24, 2015

i'm Back!

Okay I am sorry, there really is no excuse for such a long lapse between posts.  I cannot believe it has been 2 years since I last posted.  But, now it is time for a new beginning.  First of all I am going to post once a week on every Friday.  Surely, I should be able to keep up with that...if not then I really have problems. lol.  Needless to say a lot has gone on.  A couple of visits to the hospital,  our youngest daughter nearly died a year and a half ago from a pulmonary embolism (bloodclot in the lung).  That was an unbelievable time, we are so fortunate to still have her with us.  Then a couple of weeks ago our oldest daughter had the same thing happen; I could not believe it.  God is so good, once again He provided all the great medical help.  She had excellent care and is home once again and doing very well.  Now there is a whole series of tests to be done.  We all are praying this will be the last of upsets and mayhem.
We now are into a new year and look forward to what God has in store for us.  Once exciting thing is we are going to move to Calgary to be closer to our daughters.  All four live there and they are getting quite concerned about some of the health difficulties we are facing so to put everyone's mind at ease will be moving the end of June.  Our house is up for sale and we are looking for a condo.  It is going to be difficult leaving here, we have an amazing church and so many wonderful friends.  One good thing is that we will only be an hour and a half away.
Anyways, that is enough about me and my family.  I am going to put up a few of the cards I have done and would be so appreciative of your comments.  I am nosey, I want to know where you come from.

Enjoy your week, seek God in everything you do, and praise His Holy Name!

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